The PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpening System: Sharpen Your Chainsaw In Less Than Two Minutes
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The PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpening System: Sharpen Your Chainsaw In Less Than Two Minutes

You can sharpen your chainsaw in under two minutes using the Oregon PowerSharp System.

Back in the day when I was growing up on a farm, we used a double-bit ax, and a two-man buck saw to fell trees. Today, we use chainsaws to accomplish the same act in a quicker and safer manner. When you cut down and cut up a lot of timber, chainsaws require frequent sharpening. We cut down many trees up here on Walch's Mountain for fire wood, and we spent a lot of time sharpening chains in the shop. Sharpening a chainsaw in the conventional manner is not difficult, but it is time consuming and not something one does in the woods. The PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpening System makes it easy to sharpen your chain saw in less than two minutes right in the woods.

The PowerSharp Sharpening System.

The PowerSharp System kit consists of a PowerSharp Chain®, sharpening stone, guide bar and a bar-mount sharpener. For most chainsaws, the kit has a street price of $75. Depending on how often you use the sharpener system, you will need to replace the chain and stone periodically. Replacement chains and stones, which come together, will cost $35. To begin using this system, simply replace the guide bar and chain that came with your chainsaw with the PowerSharp Chain® and guide bar that came in the system kit.

How to use the Bar-Mount sharpener.

To use the PowerSharp Sharpening System in the woods, begin by placing the bar- mounted sharpener on the special guide bar as shown in the above photo. Close the cover, locking the bar-mounted sharpener securely in place.

Start the chainsaw as you normally would. Press the foot of the bar-mounted sharpener against a tree, forcing the sharpening stone into contact with the chain. Pull the throttle trigger for a couple of minutes. Release the trigger, shut down the chainsaw and remove the bar-mount sharpener. Your chainsaw is sharp and ready to go to work slicing through logs like they were made of cheese.

Selecting the right Oregon PowerSharp System for your chainsaw.

The Oregon PowerSharp System is not available for all makes and models of chainsaws at his time, but there is a kit available for the most popular chainsaws. The Oregon company has made it easy to find the lit for your chainsaw, simply click on The PowerSharp System Selector Guide, then select the make of your chainsaw, the chainsaws model number and the bar length from the drop down boxes. For example, I entered information for a Poulan 1900 with an 18” bar.

Click on the “Click Here For Parts” radio button.

As you can see from this screen, you will need a model 541662 starter kit. After that you will only need to buy the PS52 chain and sharpening stone kit. You will need to replace the chain and stone after every 10 to 20 sharpenings.

Limited lifetime warranty

The PowerSharp System comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. Exempt from the warranty to are the chain and the sharpening stone, which is understandable since they are designed to wear out.

Photo credits: All photos courtesy of PowerSharp Systems.

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Comments (4)

Another valuable tip, Jerry. Chainsaws are powerful tools and need the hands of experts.

Ranked #1 in Tools

That's true for the powerful professional models but there are homeowner models that anyone can use safely with a little practice.

such a quick it

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