The Peligan 2680 HeadsUp Lite Recoil LED Headlamp: The Electrician's Third Hand
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The Peligan 2680 HeadsUp Lite Recoil LED Headlamp: The Electrician's Third Hand

The Peligan 2680 HeadsUp Lite Recoil LED Headlamp is the perfect work light for the electrician. It's the electrician's third hand.

Have you ever wished that you had a third hand to hold a flashlight while you used the two that God gave you to work on an electrical circuit? I have on more occasions than I care to remember. It seemed like I always needed a third hand the most when I was working in some tight crawl space where there was barely enough room for me, let alone enough room for me and my helper. I had tried many different styles of flashlights and lantern style lights, but none of them seem to be shining where I needed the light when I needed it the most. Working that way was dangerous but we have all done it.

One night, after spending a whole day doing just that, I was sprawled out on my sofa sucking down a brew, watching a movie about spelunkers. Suddenly the light went on in my head. A headlamp like the ones those cave explorers were wearing was the perfect solution because they always shown where the person wearing it looked. I have gone through a number of them over the years, but the best one that I have found to-date is the Peligan 2680 HeadsUp Lite Recoil LED Headlamp.

Headlamps run the gamut, price wise, from less than $20 to well over $100, but with headlamps, you get just what you pay for. The Peligan 2680 HeadsUp Lite Recoil LED Headlamphas a street value of about $90, but it is worth every penny of that $90 and more.

An indestructible light source.

The Peligan 2680 HeadsUp Lite Recoil LED Headlamp is constructed of a tough ABS resin that is corrosion proof and almost indestructible. With its 90 degree swivel head, the light will always be directed exactly where you want it and need it.

The light source.

The light source is a single, high-powered LED that shines backwards into a parabolic reflector that forms it into a tightly focused, gloom and smoke piercing beam. The power source is 4, 1.5 volt AA cells. The drain on these cells is so moderate that they will last 33 hours before they need to be replaced. This is one of those rare cases is where you buy something, and the batteries are included.

Lightweight cloth and rubber strap mounting system.

The Peligan 2680 HeadsUp Lite Recoil LED Headlamp can be worn on the bare head, over a cap or over a hardhat.

If you have been searching for the perfect battery powered work light, this is the light for you.

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Comments (1)

An excellent review of this product, Jerry. Really saves a hand in holding the light.