The Gamma Seal Lid: An Indispensable Invention
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The Gamma Seal Lid: An Indispensable Invention

The Gamma Seal Lid System converts any plastic bucket into an air tight, liquid tight container in seconds.

Some of the most useful inventions have also been the simplest in design. The Gamma Seal Lid is one of those unsophisticated inventions. The Gamma Seal Lid give new life to the ubiquitous 5 gallon bucket that once contained drywall compound, roofing compound, paint and other construction materials. The Gamma Seal Lid is such a straightforward invention and one wonder why it took so long for someone to dream it up. It seems to be a character trait of human beings to pursue the difficult before seeing the easy ways.

What is the Gamma Seal Lid?

The Gamma Seal Lid system turns any 3.5 to 7 gallon plastic bucket into a hermetically sealed container. It is 100 percent effective, yet it takes merely seconds to install it on any bucket. Snap the threaded ring over the rim of the bucket to create an air and liquid tight seal and then screw the lid in place. The lids come in six different color, so it is easy to create a color-coding system to identify what is in the container.

The Gamma2 Company

Gamma2, pronounced Gamma Squared, started out as Gamma Plastics in 1990 as manufacturers of proprietary, injection molded plastic goods for the biomedical industry. It designed and patented the Gamma Seal Lid system in 1992.

The Gamma Seal Lid system is economical

The Gamma Seal Lid system is economical. You can turn any 5 gallon bucket with an undamaged rim into an air and liquid tight container for less than $8. A commercially manufactured container of the same size would cost you 3 to 4 times that amount. Most of us purchase Sheetrock mud, driveway sealer, paint and many other products in 5 gallon buckets, so we have an unlimited supply of quality buckets, all we have to do is add the Gamma Seal Lid System.

Stacking 5 gallon buckets equipped with the Gamma Seal Lid system.

Depending on what you are storing in the buckets and how full the buckets are will determine how many you can stack up. As a general rule, it is not a smart idea to stack them more than two or three buckets high. The lids and adapter rings are as sturdy as the buckets themselves, but it is possible to damage the neoprene o-rings that create the air and liquid tight seals.


The Gamma Seal Lid System is available from many different sources and may be ordered online as well as through brick and mortar outlets.

All photos courtesy of Gamma Seal

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Comments (4)

Very useful Jerry, thank you.

voted,retweeted,liked...very interesting

What an invention. You are right about the human tendency to pursue the difficult before trying the easy ones, Jerry. For instance our science waste a lot of money in opting to terraform Mars but the easy approach of slowing down polluting our planet gets a poor attention.

Jerry I was hoping you had invented this super product - to make you really wealthy