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Neutrogena is a well-known and leading brand of skin care, hair care and cosmetic products. The Neutrogena brand of soap and skin care products have been sold to consumers for more than 45 years and is frequently recommend by dermatologists. Their product line has expanded over the years to include lotion, makeup, anti-aging products and hair care for men and women. You can buy Neutrogena at many local retail stores and on their website. Their website also has beauty and skin care tips and artic...
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Truth in Aging is a company that strives hard to maintain honest, unbiased reporting on age reducing skin products amidst claims that are often misleading and confusing. They feel that good products should improve our appearance and do no evil.  The company carefully reviews products –  find beauty products, test them for at least 30 days and if they think they are really good and other people might enjoy them, then they are offered for sale in the TIA shop. 
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Origins was founded in the United States in 1990 by Leonard Lauder, son of Estee Lauder.  Its one of the original brands of The Estee Lauder Companies.  Origins is notable for its ongoing collaboration with Dr. Andrew Weil in his own line of products that target inflammation and sensitive skin. You can find origins products at a store near you using the website's useful store locator tool.  Also, you can sign up for the Origins newsletter here.  To view origins sp...
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The company sells skin care products and it has focused on researching and developing skin products. They manufacture the best quality, fully tested skin friendly products and skin care techniques. The site aims at developing licensed skin care products and facial treatments for all. The company today sells products as well as provides training to skin care specialists and licensed professionals of the field. The company however assures its customers that before they sell Skin Blends proucts, e...
Published by Sasha Brown 57 months ago in Tools | +0 votes | 0 comments is an online store specializing in quality men’s shaving products. It carries several popular lines like Country Uncle which is its own brand of shaving products at affordable prices, Giesen & Forsthoff which is known for its high quality blades for generations, Colonel Conk which is the world famous and has been manufacturing shaving supplies since the 1800’s, Han Baier which ultimate in luxury shaving sets, and Merkur where its razors are popular for durabili...
Published by Sasha Brown 58 months ago in Tools | +0 votes | 0 comments is a website providing anti aging solutions. Website states: “Formule oUI Skin Care is a “women helping women” company dedicated to helping you reach your full potential – and exceed it! Its mission is to empower women!” Website has different products as Sets, Cleansers, Toners, Moisturizers, Eye Products, Face Products and Masks.
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AlphaLight is a brand of Natural Skin Shop Inc., a US based company that deals in skin care products.  The mission of this company is to provide online shoppers with unprecedented access to the latest developments in skin care research, technology and science.  The company aims at enhancing consumer knowledge and understanding and also providing natural, professional-grade, superior, skin care products at pocket-friendly prices. This company offers natural, safe, effective and concent...
Published by enna karanjah 58 months ago in Tools | +0 votes | 0 comments is a company that specializes in producing spa and bath products using natural, organic ingredients. Some of the products that you can find at their online store include: Dead Sea Products Pure Essential Oils Skincare Bath Salts Pet Products Energy Blends Spa and Bath Gifts All of the products that they carry are handmade, without using any machines or heavy equipments. In addition, all of their products are created with certified organic and wild-crafted ingredients....
Published by Nur Radzi 60 months ago in Tools | +0 votes | 0 comments is a 21st century women oriented company’s website which promises its customers a revolutionary change in the way that women care for their skin. According to the owners they have created a new technology of light-based skin care which gently interacts with the skin surface resulting in a softer, smoother and glowing skin. They provide the same care which a professional dermatologist provides, but in an easier way on the consumers’ doorstep, which is more convenient,...
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Canless Air System is a replacement for the highly toxic traditional canned air that people normally use to clean their gadgets or equipment. This innovative product is an inexpensive, permanent and environmentally friendly alternative to canned air and it also boasts more sustainable power than its canned competitors. Canless Air System's Products: Canless System O2 Hurricane - This product is best for cleaning offices and workshops, automobiles, delicate antiques, silk plants, shelves, ele...
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Stop is a website operated by Pollogen Ltd, a company that develops cutting-edge aesthetic solutions for home-use and professional markets. The company has developed clinically proven and advanced handheld devices and other beauty products that help consumers fight the signs of aging. The devices and products can be used from the comfort of the home. These devices use TriPollar Technology, a technology that uses 3rd generation Radio Frequency (RF) for body sculpting, fat reduction, skin rejuven...
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DermaDash Inc. is a US based company that deals in beauty and skincare products. The main product offered by this company is the DermaDash Rejuvenating Plumping Cream which is popularly referred to as “The 24-hour Moisture Magnet”. The main ingredient of this product is the Polymoist-PS Complex which is a face-firming peptide. This powerful ingredient works together with other ingredients to enhance natural beauty, repair, correct and prevent skin anomalies and signs of aging. Derm...
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Skinbright is a company that deals in advanced health and beauty products. Its products target the 21st century customer and thousands of customers from different parts of the world have used these products successfully. The products are 100% natural and were developed through many years of scientific research. These products are manufactured and bottled in the USA. The main product manufactured by this company is the SkinBright Premium Skin Brightener. It is produced using an exclusive formula...
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K-Y Shop Direct is a company that specializes in lubricants for his and her pleasures. They offer warming oils, lubricants, lubricants with sensations, climax enhancers, and vaginal moisturizers. These can be used for foreplay, massages and all other erotic pleasures. They also offer different flavors for some of their products.
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Truth Art Beauty is an online retailer of quality spa products.  Products are available for the face and body to pamper and indulge the senses as well as to care for the skin and enhance your appearance.  Truth Art Beauty offers a fully customizable product.  You have the ability to pick your own ingredients and Truth Art Beauty will freshly blend your selected product and ship it off to you!  Their products contain no synthetic chemicals and are cruelty free.  The full ...
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Tool King offers over 120,000 different products. Not only does Tool King sell tools, they also sell home and automotive supplies. electronics, sports and outdoor products, and so much more. Tool King sells new and reconditioned products. Tool King offers numerous shopping categories: Tools Parts and hardware Home improvement Automotive home and garden Apparel and safety Workshop and garage Sports and Outdoors Electronics Power tools Cordless tools Hand tools Reconditioned tools ...
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Elite Serum is the award-winning product developed by SkinPro International, Inc., which currently is the most talked about anti-aging eye serum in the world.   This incredible needle-free scientific breakthrough in advanced skin care technology is specifically formulated to work on the thin and delicate skin around the eyes, to Defend, Protect, Rejuvenate that area in the fight against wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.Elite Serum is contained in a 0.47-oz applicato...
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Clinique is a beauty company that offers skincare products, toiletries, fragrances and cosmetics. They have customized products which can cater to different skin types. It is owned by the Estée Lauder Corporation. Here’s a portfolio of their world-renowned products: Shop 3-Step 3-Step Skin Care 3-Step Sets Skin Care Cleansers & Makeup Removers Exfoliators & Masks Serums Moisturizers Eye & Lip Care Hand & Body Care Hot List: Skincare Face Fou...
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Bath and Body Works is an American retailer which was founded in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio. BBW specializes in lotions and creams, skin care products, fragrances, and home décor items such as candles and wallflowers.  Other products sold by Bath and Body Works include: Body Wash Hair Care Hand Care Foot Care Products for Men Accessories
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Dionis Bath and Body makes and sells a wide range of skincare and bath products, all of which are made using goat's milk. The have products such as: Hand and Body Lotions Cuticle Cream Shea Butter Body Sticks Facial Moisturizer Wrinkle Cream Lip Balm Bar Soap Body Wash Why goat's milk? The milk from goats is rich in lactic acid and whey proteins which exfoliate and enhance the skins appearance. The pH of the milk is almost identical to humans, and it's highly concentrated with vita...
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Northerntool's success is nothing less than remarkable. The company sells over 30, 000 diversified products, whereby the entire selection is specially formatted to fit your mobile device - you can shop using your phone. Once you become a customer, you are entitled to a free catalogue provided you request for it. But what elevates Notherntool several notches higher than its competitors is the handy features it offers. Among them include shop sales + specials, hotline membership, buyer's guides, ...
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Quality tools are expensive tools. A 1/2-Inch Drive, Quick-Release ratchet made by Snap-On would cost you $150.00. Snap On guarantees their tools for life and will replace one with no questions asked. The problem is that not many DIY people can afford to pay $150.00 for one hand tool. With a little judicial shopping around at flea markets, garage sales, Craigs List, and so on, you can find the same ratchet for a fraction of that cost and rebuild it to like new condition for a mere $10. Snap On ...
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Spring is here and it is time to think about getting out your powered yard equipment—your lawnmower, garden tractor, weed—whacker, rotor—tiller, Etc. If you failed to prep them properly before storing them away in the tool-shed last fall, you will need to tune them now to get them ready for the hard work ahead. I am not going to talk about changing the oil, the air filter elements, the oil filter, sharpening and balancing the cutter blades in this article but about switching from the...
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A product by Milwaukee, 6523-21 Super Sawzall is a reciprocating saw used for cutting things.The Milwaukee 6523-21 Super SawzallÂ’s best feature is its rotating handle with a 360 degree turn.The saw comes with a high powered in-built 13 amp motor with variable speed ranging from 0-3,000 spm(strokes per minute)Milwaukee 6523-21 Super Sawzall with its 13 amp motor is a powerful tool and it comes with a counterbalance feature which ensures that the product works smoothly and efficiently without...
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As new owners of the Little Giant Ladder, I must say that their infomercials are very compelling. They even have a Twitter and Facebook page dedicated to them. My husband was telling me about this ladder and I finally sat and watched the infomercial and although I no longer can climb on a ladder the way I used to; I was sold. I ordered the ladder as a Christmas present and the promise that we would get rid of the old wobbly ladders we have because now this ladder should replace any ladder we may...
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Review of Northerntool, including pricing, comparison with competitors, customer reviews and more. Northerntool coupon code and promo code included. NorthernTool is one of the primary sources of electrical equipment for the builder and DIYer in the USA since 1996. NorthernTool carries thousands of new and reconditioned tools at the best tool prices. NorthernTool will do everything they can to match any competitor's price. The top tools categary carried at NorthernTool include:  ...
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Pneumatic nailers, or air nailers, are terrific tools that can produce tons of work in little time. As a power tool using great force, these nailers are extremely useful, but also dangerous.
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How to select the proper tool for cutting ceramic or vinyl tile or marble, slate, or stone flooring.
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How to construct a tubing water level and how to use it for making level marks over a large area.
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Commons uses for a Speed Square or layout square other than marking and cutting roof rafters and stair stringers.
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How to use your circular saw safely with a few tips and techniques.
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The misuse of hand tools is the cause of numerous injuries in the home, some of them quite serious. Most accidents happen for quite simple reasons:
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Whetting or sharpening scissors, pocketknives and cutlery is easy with a aluminum oxide bench stone.
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Pruning and trimming tools need to be serviced to ensure proper safety when used.
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Nails are perhaps the oldest of all fasteners, having been utilized since ancient times for putting together wood structures of all sorts. Nails come in various lengths and in different gauges or sizes.
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Your ladder can last for several years with good care. Here are some tips for proper use and care of your ladder.
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Roto-Zip, spiral saw, rotary cutter, power saw, DIY, home improvement, weekend warrior, tools
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Digital Multimeter and digital clamp on ammeters are two essential test instruments that every electrician needs Professional digital multimeter and clamp on can cost several hundred dollars, but the Cen-Tech combines both into one for less than $20.
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The Gamma Seal Lid System converts any plastic bucket into an air tight, liquid tight container in seconds.
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The Peligan 2680 HeadsUp Lite Recoil LED Headlamp is the perfect work light for the electrician. It's the electrician's third hand.
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A dull chainsaw is dangerous, learn how to sharpen your chainsaw like a pro. With the proper tools and a little know-how it's easy even for a beginner.
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If you are buying a screwdriver be sure to buy the right one for the job. This is an overview of the common types of screwdrivers.
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An overview of power saws and their uses. Considerations when purchasing a power saw for your home workshop.
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Deadbolt locks add to a home security system. Deadbolt locks are easy to install.
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