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Published by Roberta Baxter 92 months ago in Tools | +22 votes | 17 comments
Spring is here and it is time to think about getting out your powered yard equipment—your lawnmower, garden tractor, weed—whacker, rotor—tiller, Etc. If you failed to prep them properly before storing them away in the tool-shed last fall, you will need to tune them now to get them ready for the hard work ahead. I am not going to talk about changing the oil, the air filter elements, the oil filter, sharpening and balancing the cutter blades in this article but about switching from the...
Published by Jerry Walch 82 months ago in Tools | +20 votes | 10 comments
To say that WD-40 is the most versatile chemical around today is an understatement. There are over 2,000 known uses for WD-40 today and new ways to use it are being added to the list every day. Click here for the latest, most up to date list of uses. If you ride a bicycle, WD-40 is your bicycles best friend. To see why it is your bikes best friend, click here.
Published by Jerry Walch 82 months ago in Tools | +22 votes | 9 comments
Quality tools are expensive tools. A 1/2-Inch Drive, Quick-Release ratchet made by Snap-On would cost you $150.00. Snap On guarantees their tools for life and will replace one with no questions asked. The problem is that not many DIY people can afford to pay $150.00 for one hand tool. With a little judicial shopping around at flea markets, garage sales, Craigs List, and so on, you can find the same ratchet for a fraction of that cost and rebuild it to like new condition for a mere $10. Snap On ...
Published by Jerry Walch 81 months ago in Tools | +12 votes | 7 comments
If you are buying a screwdriver be sure to buy the right one for the job. This is an overview of the common types of screwdrivers.
Published by Judith Barton 102 months ago in Tools | +6 votes | 7 comments
How to use your circular saw safely with a few tips and techniques.
Published by Daniel Snyder 88 months ago in Tools | +12 votes | 6 comments
The misuse of hand tools is the cause of numerous injuries in the home, some of them quite serious. Most accidents happen for quite simple reasons:
Published by Athena Goodlight 88 months ago in Tools | +19 votes | 6 comments
How to select the proper tool for cutting ceramic or vinyl tile or marble, slate, or stone flooring.
Published by Daniel Snyder 86 months ago in Tools | +14 votes | 4 comments
Commons uses for a Speed Square or layout square other than marking and cutting roof rafters and stair stringers.
Published by Daniel Snyder 87 months ago in Tools | +10 votes | 4 comments
Portable electric sanders are excellent for finish-sanding projects after assembly. Portable electric sanders are a great tool to invest in for carpentry work.
Published by TracyAnn 93 months ago in Tools | +6 votes | 4 comments
Roto-Zip, spiral saw, rotary cutter, power saw, DIY, home improvement, weekend warrior, tools
Published by Judith Barton 96 months ago in Tools | +3 votes | 4 comments
Harbor Freight sells high quality tools at bargain basement prices.
Published by Jerry Walch 97 months ago in Tools | +6 votes | 4 comments
The Gamma Seal Lid System converts any plastic bucket into an air tight, liquid tight container in seconds.
Published by Jerry Walch 97 months ago in Tools | +11 votes | 4 comments
Whetting or sharpening scissors, pocketknives and cutlery is easy with a aluminum oxide bench stone.
Published by TracyAnn 89 months ago in Tools | +7 votes | 3 comments
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